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Protecting your furniture and carpets with cats

Protecting your furniture and carpets with cats

Protecting your furniture and carpets with cats

Those of us who are cat lovers know that our love for cats sometimes comes with a little frustration. One such moment occurs when our cats use their claws to destroy your carpet or furniture.

We’ve all tried to train our cats to stop scratching the backs of our couches; many of us have experienced that this is not easy to correct. While some people resort to yelling or shooting water at their cat’s nose, there is a much more effective way to solve this problem.

If you have studied basic psychology, you will remember that there are two kinds of reinforcement, positive and negative. Use both reinforcement tactics to train your cat and you’ll be through the woods before you know it.

Negative Reinforcement – The idea behind negative reinforcement is to take something away to influence the behaviour. When it comes to scratching your cat in areas you don’t want destroyed, you want to motivate your cat to stop scratching. carpets with cats

One of the most effective ways to provide this motivation is through a product called Sticky Paws (available at your favorited pet supply store). To use this product, place the tape over the areas where your cat has scratched.

Positive Reinforcement – Once you’ve used the Sticky Paws, the next step is to provide where you want your cat to scratch. This can be as simple as providing a scratching post, large or small. These posts come in two varieties, cardboard and carpet, and either will do the trick.

In addition to providing the scratching post, you need to entice your cat to the post. A very easy way to develop this attraction is to spray the pole with some Catnip Spray (Whiskercity makes a cat love). This can make for a playful transition from an unwanted mosquito net to a more suitable one.

Old habits die hard – More so for us humans than for our cats sometimes. If you’ve been caught yelling at your cat, this can be a difficult habit to break. You may have gotten used to yelling every time you hear your cat scratch. When you put both the Sticky Paws and the new scratching post in place, you’ll want to become very conscious to check where your cat is scratching before opening your internal megaphone. carpets with cats

Keep all three of these areas in mind. If you give the negative or positive reinforcement, you are not effective. You really need both to be successful. Likewise, if you keep yelling at your cat when they start scratching your preferred scratching post, you’ll prevent them from getting into the habit of scratching in the right place.

How do you choose the right food for cats?

Cats, your little fur balls are a diva when it comes to the food. This is why there are so many things to consider before choosing the RIGHT cat food.

A meat-only diet

Cats are essentially carnivores and can eat nothing but meat. This one cue can be considered the root of all evil. Since they can only have meat, you have to be very careful with their diet. While vegetables are good for them, they can be the second ingredient in the food. The first ingredient should always be meat. This is the only reason many cat owners have to rely on the processed best cat food as advertised instead of homemade kibble.

Cheap food leads to vocational education and training

You may make this mistake if you just pet a cat. New pet owners who want to keep costs down sometimes buy cheap food. This is a bad investment. Cats, unlike dogs, are most likely not going to eat those kibble because they are very picky about their food choices. Even if they do, they have a chance of getting sick. Carbohydrates are not good for the cats, but they will still eat to meet their nutritional needs. Following the same cheap diet for a long time can only lead to an upset digestive system, resulting in a serious health condition. Here are a few things to avoid:

We all know that the first ingredient should be meat. But it should be clearly indicated which meat. This meat can be chicken, turkey, tuna or lamb, the source of the meat must be clearly identified. The kibble should not contain any animal by-products.

There will be some fillers in the diet that are important. However, be sure to avoid corn as a filler as it is not specifically good for cats.

AAFCO is an authoritative body established to propose regulations to support the cat kibble. The kibble you buy for your cat must at least meet the AAFCO requirements.

Protecting your furniture and carpets with cats


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