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Pet Photography Tips for Better Entertainment

Pet Photography Tips for Better Entertainment

Pet Photography For animal lovers, they always love to capture every beautiful moment of their cats or dogs with cameras. In fact, to get nicer pictures, they spend a lot of money to buy an SLR camera or expensive camcorder. That’s just because they love pets. However, as we know, a pet is too difficult to photograph. They are so active. If you don’t understand some photography tips, it’s impossible to capture those funny moments. Are you convinced and want to photograph your own pets when you see so many excellent pictures and videos of pets on the internet? Now let’s learn some basic tips so that we can easily capture the funny moments of our dogs or cats.


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1. Home Photography

It doesn’t matter to cats or dogs, they are afraid of the strange environment. Home photography is therefore the best choice. Pets are used to living with their own owners and it is easier for them to show relaxed status. When you take pictures of your pets at home, you can capture the funny moments more easily.

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2. Be patient

Pet photography requires patience. Pets are not like people, they cannot understand what you are saying. You should spend a lot on waiting. What are you waiting for? You have to wait for their natural actions like tongue, yawn, hairy licking and so on.

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3. Accompany your pets

Sometimes we can take dignified pictures of our pets if we accompany them. For example, if we hand feed them, they lick their tongues. If the dog is well trained, you can easily shoot many interesting actions through the instructions like flip, run, jump, catch ball and so on. This may require two people to complete the task.

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4. Pay attention to your pets’ main characters.

Different pets have different characters. If you have a naughty dog, you have to show his mischievous and active aspect. If you have a lazy cat, it’s better to let her yawn, lick hair, sleep and so on.

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5. Shoot from your pets’ view

From the internet we can see some wonderful videos or photos of pets that seem to personify their pets. That’s because they make videos or photograph them from the sight of these pets. Before shooting, we need to think about what the pets are thinking about. We have to stoop to their level and show them how they see the world.

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5. Natural light

We better take pictures during the day because we can get natural light. We should avoid flash light as it will scare your pets. When we take pictures, the first thing to keep in mind is to protect our pets. Remember that pet is also a member of our family.

6. Look at the computer

After you complete all the tasks, you can’t wait to enjoy your works on your computer. Photos are easy to view. If your videos were recorded with your dv camcorder and you want to watch them on your mac computer, you may need to convert avi to mov. If you have this kind of requirement, I think this mac avi to mov converter will give you some help. This professional video converting tool can solve almost all your video format incompatibility issues with ease.

With the basic tips above, I hope you can share us more beautiful photos or videos of your lovely pets.

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